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ARTICLE TITLE AND BIBLIOGRAPHIC INFORMATION: Changes in functional occlusion during the postorthodontic retention period: a prospective longitudinal clinical study. Morton S, Pancherz H. Am J Orthod Dentofacial Orthop 2009;135(3):310-5.REVIEWER: Gregory King DMD, DrMedSciPURPOSE/QUESTION: In orthodontic patients treated to a satisfactory static occlusion with a fixed appliance, how does functional occlusion change following orthodontic appliance removal and during Nike Free Trainer 3.0 retention?SOURCE OF FUNDING: Information not availableTYPE OF STUDY/DESIGN: Cohort studyLEVEL OF EVIDENCE: Level 2: Limited-quality, patient-oriented evidenceSTRENGTH OF RECOMMENDATION GRADE: Not applicable.Comment onChanges in functional occlusion during the postorthodontic retention period: a prospective longitudinal clinical study. 2001]Half-shoes for off-loading diabetic plantar ulcers.Chantelau E. Diabetes Care. 2001 Nov; 24(11):2016. Adverse outcome pathways Tiffany & Co Toronto (AOPs) are designed to describe linkages of key events within a biological pathway that result in an adverse outcome associated with chemical perturbation of a well-defined molecular initiating event. Risk assessors have traditionally relied on data from apical endpoints (e.g., mortality, growth, reproduction) to derive benchmark values for use in determining the potential adverse impacts of chemicals. One goal in building reliable and well-characterized AOPs is to identify relevant in vitro assays and/or in vivo biomarkers that could be used in screening the potential hazard of substances, thereby reducing costs and increasing the number of chemicals that can be evaluated in a timely fashion. Fifty-four percent of the patients (7/13) had pulmonary metastases 3 years after diagnosis of the primary bone lesion, and 92% (12/13) had pulmonary metastases 7.5 years after diagnosis. Overall mortality rate directly due to giant-cell tumor and its metastases was 23%. On chest radiographs and CT scans, pulmonary metastases appeared as rounded, nodular opacities of homogeneous density, ranging from 0.5 cm to 8.0 cm in diameter. Kenneled environments often prevent direct physical contact between dogs, potentially causing stress, and so it has been recommended that such contact should be provided. This study examined the effect of familiarity on the behavior of dogs during off-lead interaction. Kenneled dogs (3 breeds) were given 15-min off-lead interactions with a familiar dog and an unfamiliar Canada Goose Parka Price dog; the behavior of the focal dog and the distance between the dogs Nike Free Tr Fit 3 were recorded.